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TARO GP2 Sport Bike & 300cc Scooter Engine To Be Launched

2018-04-28 15:42:39 分享

TARO GP2 Sport Bike & 300cc Scooter Engine To Be Launched


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There are always some dark horses arising in the motorcycle industry every year. In 2017, it was TARO. This motorcycle company is from Zhejiang and grows out of a comprehensive motorcycle supporting company manufacturing plastic parts, frames, meters and lamps. In 2017, TARO launched GP1 sport bike which has attracted a lot of attention with its original design and solid workmanship.



This year, TARO launches GP1 (2018 upgraded edition), GP2 and 300cc scooter engine. It is described that, same as GP1, GP2 features Italian original design and sharp body. As one of the suppliers of CFMoto State guest motorcycle, TARO is good at plastic parts baking process. The cover parts of GP2 are designed with many corner angles and geometrical lines. Despite not large displacement, it looks like a large-displacement sport bike. GP2 is equipped with a high-performance twin-cylinder in-line structure 198cc EFI water-cooled engine featuring the maximum power of 12.5kw (17hp)/8000rpm, maximum torque of 17N.m/6500rpm and maximum speed of not less than 114km/h. it is also equipped with steel tube double-beams frame and steel tube rear bottom fork.


GP2 has the double tailpipes hidden under the backseat to make the whole proportion of the bike more harmonized.



Its tail lights are set beside the exhaust with crescent shape, which has lots of LED lamps inside. With the luminance advantages of the LED lamps, they look like stars twinkled around the bright moon when turned on at night.


To harmonize the whole style and practicability, a large inner fender is added at the rear bottom fork of GP2. this design makes the rear bottom fork look like a seagull-shaped rear arm. The inner fender covering nearly a half of the rear tyre can protect the rear suspension and the passenger on the backseat from muddy water.


Its suspension system features front positive damping and rear center damping. In terms of braking system, it has front 320mm double wave disc and one-way dual-piton caliper and rear single wave disc and single-piston caliper. Compared with the models in the same level, its configuration is excellent.


Its small and elegant LCD meter is TAROs independent product, which not only displays the common riding information but also features 5-range adjustable backlight brightness suitable for reading in any light environment. Many people may not know that TARO is now one of the top instrument assembly suppliers in China. The instruments of CFMoto models are all the independent products of TARO. We can see TAROs instrument manufacture capacity from this.


Meanwhile, TARO also launches an independently developed 300cc scooter engine featuring the maximum power of 22kw (30hp) and the maximum torque of 30N.m.


This single cylinder engine features 4 valves and lightweight piston. In the upgrading process, TARO also pays lots of attentions on decreasing power consumption to significantly improve the power output and conducting static and dynamic equilibrium design to the engine power system to transform and eliminate the reciprocating inertial force generated during operating so that reducing unnecessary vibrations as well as improving the stability.


The air intake and exhaust and double-cone fuel injector additionally increase the fuel efficiency of the engine, not only ensuring the power output but also decreasing the fuel consumption and exhaust emission.


TARO says port bike and scooter are two development directions of the company. Manufacturing sport bikes is because TARO has excellent congenital conditions; manufacturing scooters is for it is still empty in the large-displacement scooter market in China.


As everyone knows, there is a strong demand in large-displacement scooter market in China. Kymco has arisen sharply just depending on its Xciting. Compared with vertical engine, the large-displacement horizontal engine with infinitely variable speeds is more technical difficulties. Chinese companies have not overcome those difficulties and had no decisive breakthrough in this field for many years. TARO, as one of the so many companies having risen to the challenge, can create a new situation of Chinese motorcycle industry or not. Lets wait and see.



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