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Taro Motorcycle Group Visit The Market ,  Assault Lingliang Motorcycle

2018-08-09 15:14:31 分享

On August 3th , the visiting team of Taro Motorcycle Market was led by Mr. Zhang Dexiang, the general manager of Taro , accompanied by Mr. Zhou Deqi , the marketing manager , and came to Fuzhou , Jiangxi. Mr. Yu Lianghua, the general manager of Fuzhou Liangliang Motorcycle , warmly welcomed the team of Taro Motorcycle .


After entering Liangliang Motorcycle , we saw the gp-1 and gp-2 of Taro Motorcycle's hit products on both sides of the exhibition hall. The decoration in the exhibition hall is simple and generous, and the details show the locomotive culture.



After Mr. Zhang supervised the progress of the three improvements on gp-2, Mr. Yu introduced his marketing method and enthusiastically shared his experience with the group of Taro Motorcycle. Mr. Zhang said these experience are very precious, thans for sharing his successful experience with everyone, and it is also worth learning by Taro Motorcycle.


Finally, the interview mentioned the market of the National IV Standards, and Liangliang Motorcycle immediately ordered 6 sets scooters  with National IV Standards .

During the talks, Mr. Zhang Dexiang mentioned that the 300-displacement scooter will be unveiled at the Chongqing Motor Expo in September. Mr. Yu Lianghua will be warmly invited to visit the expo site and experience the 300-displacement scooter of Taro Motorcycle .


Mr. Yu said that he is very much looking forward to the 300-displacement scooter of Taro Motorcycle . With the sales experience of gp-1 and the processing experience of handling three improvements of gp-2, he is full of confidence in Taro Motorcycle and is willing to work with Taro Motorcycles walk side by side.



At 3:40 pm, the visit ended and team of Taro Motorcycle were ready to rush to the next stop .

Liangliang Motorcycle success experience

Play cars, repair cars, scan code to find organizations. There is a code in the Liangliang Motorcycle and many places .  Mr. Yu always put the  riders services in the first place, so that the riders can quickly hold the group, share the fun of motorcycle riding, and organize the activities of the riders through the convenience of technology in the information age.

Do let users convenient secure, "convenience", "practical" and "relief", after-sale work being done to solve the user's worries, let more motorcycle users find organization



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