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TARO Express ▏TARO Visiting Group deep into the market,Xinyu and Jian

2018-08-25 16:29:36 分享

 On August 6th, 2018, the Taro Motorcycle visit team left Wuhan, Hubei, and drove to Xinyu, Jiangxi, and visited the Siping Motorcycle .





Mr. Fu Siping, the general manager of Siping Motorcycle , made tea early and waited for the visit of Taro Motor. Mr. Zhang Dexiang, the general manager of Taro Motorcycle, had a pleasant conversation with Mr.Fu . Mr. Zhang gave a high praise to the work of Siping.





 Mr. Fu said that he is quite satisfied with Taro's gp-1, gp-2, t9, t10 and other products, and the after-sales work is in place and timly . He is looking forward to the future about the products of Taro Motorcycle.






Mr. Zhang immediately said that regarding the future products, the Motorcycle Expo in September this year is worth looking forward to, and warmly invites Siping Notorcyclce to go to the Taro Motor Show to observe and study. Next, we will also realize a self-developed power platform with multiple displacements. Each power platform will have a dedicated model. In the next 3 to 5 years, new models will come out every year. He hopes that Mr. Fu will continue to follow up. And pay attention to Taro motorcycle.






 In the conversation, always can feel affection for Taro motorcycles from Mr.Fu. At the same time, he also fully recognizes and expects Zhangs suggestions and plans. He will follow in the future of Taro.





 Finally, after a brief farewell, the visit group of Taro Motorcycle left the Xinyu Siping Motorcycle and make an appointment about meeting each other in the Chongqing Motor Expo in September.











That same day, the Taro motorcycle crew arrived at Jian's Raytheon locomotive .






Mr. Xiao Xinping, the person in charge of Raytheon locomotive, was very happy after seeing the arrival of Mr. Zhang and the visit group, and they immediately started a conversation.




 Mr. Xiao is very concerned about the Taro 300-displacement pedal. He has shown full confidence in the appearance, instrument and frame of the car, but he has certain doubts and concerns about quality control and power.


Mr. Zhang made a discussion with Mr. Xiao , which is same as the Siping Motorcycle in the morning . It dispelled the doubts of the Mr.Xiao. In the end, Xiao was very pleased to say: It seems a right choice that I have always insisted on selling Taro 's products.






Jiangxi Xinyu Siping Motorcycle currently distributes a large number of major brands, always running through the marketing concept of "service for the market, looking to the future" , and will firmly hold on the brand management of Taro Moto.

From the insistence of the Jian Raytheon locomotive, let us see the beautiful market prospects of the scooter, and predict the future market trends from the existing models, which may be the reason for their success.图片8.jpg


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