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 Details Disclosure


TAROMoto independently developed 300CC water-cooled scooters and open details and parameters.




Since its establishment, TAROMoto has been adhering to the path of innovation and individualized development. By 2018, it has developed a number of individualized classic models with independent intellectual property rights, T1-T10, which have won 56 patents of national appearances and practicalities.




In 2015, we began to adjust the product structure. While continuing to maintain the advantages of domestic high-end parts manufacturing, we gradually introduced pieces of equipment to produce completed motorcycles, as well as testing equipment. Meanwhile, both domestic and international top R&D design teams, including Italy, Spain, France, Taiwan, and so on, cooperate with us in appearance and engines of motorcycles.




Among them, the new water-cooled 300CC scooter, Explorer, which will show up at the CIMAMotor, is a fruit of the cooperation between TARO and Italian design team.




With the experience of developing and manufacturing large and medium-sized scooters for 18 years, TARO and Italian team jointly developed a new medium-sized scooter.




Except from the previous scooters, Explorer is not only different in displacement, but also more mature in appearance. The line design of the body is more European style, which makes the appearance more sharp. In addition, Explorer uses LED lamps, dual-light lens, like the eagle-eye and stars shining at night.




The taillights with the shape of inverted dovetail are also highly recognizable, both front and rear designs are very harmonious.




Equipped with a new self-developed 300CC 4V water-cooled single-cylinder horizontal engine, Explorer can reach high speed and own sharp throttle response, so it has excellent performance in both acceleration and speed. The maximum power is 19 KW and the maximum torque is 24 NM. It can meet your driving pleasure all the time.




The meter adopts latest TFT 5-inch screen. The meter displays the whole driving information, such as battery voltage, speed, interval and total mileage, as well as provides information about time, speedometer, oil meter, water temperature, and so on. More importantly, it can switch both day and night mode, guiding drivers to enter the smart age.




Equipped with ABS brake and 260mm front double disc brakes, Explorer can exactly control the brake status of front and rear wheels, ensuring the most effective braking each time, and stopping at the shortest distance in the most stable state.








The large-capacity bucket has a large storage space, which can accommodate a full-face helmet and a half-hood helmet. The rear double-hook cushion makes the cushion more convenient.2.jpg






The mechanical structure of the bike pursues higher strength with lightweight materials. In order to pursue perfect and smooth control, the aluminum alloy rear fork combines hollow casting and lightweight aluminum ring, which greatly reduces the unsprung weight and comprehensively improves the handling performance of various road conditions.




MP3 Bluetooth player, USB power supply and other more friendly design, making travel no longer monotonous, so that the car is not just a means of transportation, but also a good helper for home travel.














PS: The texts, illustrations and parameters described in this article are for reference only. They may not match the actual car due to technical changes. Please refer to the actual car. Zhejiang Chuangtai Motorcycle Co., Ltd. reserves the right of final interpretation.


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